Upcoming ARES Meetings

March 18, 2020, @ 7PM CST

This meeting will NOT be held at the Peoria Red Cross as previously announced.

Rather it will be a Teleconference Only.  Dial 712-775-7270 enter Access Code 484456 #

A document will be sent out for review – send an email to [email protected] to receive a copy.


  • Coronavirus – Reaction and Practices
  • Weather Spotting in 2020
  • ID Cards – Review the draft ID card
  • Roster Changes
  • Training
  • Standardized Training Plan Task Book
  • Radio/ARES things to do while cooped up
  • Winlink Tip of the Month
  • Winlink Peer-to-Peer VHF Check-in Net
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Tech Session

Everyone is Welcome!