2015 Hospital Communications Excercise

The Exercise is a reliability check of the Amateur Radio equipment at these local hospitals:Region 1 Rockford Memorial, Mendota Community Hospital Mendota, Perry Memorial Hospital Princeton, Region 2 OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Peoria, Illinois Valley Community Hospital Peru, OSF St Elizabeth Ottawa,St. Margaret’s Health Spring Valley, St. Mary’s Hospital Streator.  Objective 1 is to record equipment performance (SWR and minimum power needed to contact each hospital), Objective 2 is to contact the respective Region 1 or 2 POD/RHCC hospital.  I ask all stations to begin the exercise on W9MKS 147.12 + 103.5 and, if a second VFO is available, monitor 146.55.  Nets and/or frequencies used (including repeater call signs):
Call            RX Freq         TX Freq Tone    Mode    Remarks Repeater
W9MKS   147.1200 W CSQ  147.7200 W      103.5   A       Leonore SRRC Echolink 234725
WB9NTG  146.9550 W CSQ  146.3550 W      103.5   A       Princeton RCBARC Echolink 681139 via W9ZHB-R
K9WRA   147.2550 W CSQ  147.8550 W      103.5 A Metamora WCRA Echolink 710520
W9UVI   147.0750 W CSQ  147.6750 W      103.5 A Washington PAARC
N9ECQ   147.1650 W CSQ  147.7650 W      146.2   A       Oregon OGLE C OEM
WA9CJN  146.7300 W CSQ  146.1300 W      100     A       Malta KARC Repeater
Sim1            146.5500 W CSQ  146.5500 W      CSQ     A       Simplex Primary
Sim2            147.5400 W CSQ  147.5400 W      CSQ     A       Simplex Secondary