June 14, 2024

Go-Kit Competition

During the 2013 Peoria Superfest, we borrowed an idea from the Southeastern Iowa hamfest in the form of a Go-Kit Competition.   A list of criteria was assimilated from different sources and used as a score sheet.  The score sheet is reproduced here for your use.  How do you compare to the list??


Go Kit Competition Score Sheet

Radio Equipment Items:  Max Points
Dual-band HT  5
Dual-band Mobile VHF/UHF 10
HF-VHF-UHF radio 15
Operating Manual for radios 5
2m / 70cm antenna or HF antenna for 40 or 8o meters 10
Extra battery packs  5
Battery charger ( supplied with HT )  5
Cigarette lighter/plug with wire and Anderson Power Poles  5
Extra fuses for cigarette lighter cord, HF power supply, accessories   10
External Speaker  5
Various connectors and adapters 5
Tripod for the antennas 15
In line PO/SWR meter to monitor station performance 15
Coax to get to the outside of the building 20
ARRL repeater directory 15
Female BNC to SO-239 adapter 5
Ability to operate packet / Winmoor or RMSExpress 20
Power Considerations  
Contains a 12 volt DC battery 5
Contains needed connections for 120 volts AC 5
Contains a 12 volt distribution system  5
Accessory plug in on the distrubion panel 5
Way to tell if battery is being drained 5
Recharging equipment on board 10
Commercial power charger 10
Solar or wind power charger 15
Wiring is of 14, 12, 10 guage 10
Power Poles are used throughout the go-kit 5
Roll of electrical tape  20
Charging station ( 120 AC or 12 DC) for cell phone 15
Deep Cycle Battery 25
Construction of carrying case  
Substaintial construction 10
Portable, easy to move and set up 20
Other Items:   
Copy of FCC Operating License.  1
Copy of ARRL message forms 10
Flashlight/batteries/bulbs 5
Leatherman multi-purpose tool / Swiss Army knife 5
Ink pens and pencils 5
Paper notepad (self-stick removable notes: 2 7/8″ x 4 7/8″ size)  5
Emergency gas / phone money  5
Small pocket compass  1
Local ARES phone and frequency reference card  2
Current eye glasses prescription.  2
Moist towelettes 2
Day‐Glow vest 1
Tylenol, Asprin, Antacid tablets 1
Ear phones  1
Cable ties  1
Whistle  1
ALL Family Members emergency contact list  1
State road map 1
Possible Points